What to Expect


My Approach:

I approach therapy as a creative process, which is not "one-size-fits-all" and takes into account the particular strengths and challenges of my clients. My work blends mindfulness, art/play therapy, solution-focused tools, and skills building, to create a rich foundation for therapeutic healing, growth, and transformation.  

I understand that therapy may feel scary, uncomfortable, or overwhelming at first, and feel honored to accompany you on your personal journey inward and toward your unique goals. I believe that therapy is a risk worth taking and has the potential to heal, empower and transform.


A word about my goals & your goals: 

My goal is to create a space for you, free of judgment and full of compassion, so that you feel comfortable, respected, and able to be yourself.  This is the foundation of therapy from my perspective, and it sets the stage for the work that follows: gaining insight into your emotions and actions, examining habits that no longer serve you, developing tools that support you, and learning how to put it all into practice. As with life, therapy has its twists and turns, is not always linear, and requires courage and perseverance. If you are ready, I can support you and help to guide you on this journey to identify and move towards your unique goals.

Warning: this is not traditional talk therapy, we may laugh together at times.


In addition to talking, here are some examples of what we might do together:

-journaling exercises

-art therapy projects

-guided meditations

-role plays

-sand tray